Payment Policy

•        Applicable Services: All Services including Attendant, Nursing Care, Critical Care and short term intervention service.

•        Only Direct Payment to Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care: You don’t have to pay to the caregiver in cash or cheque unless asked by Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care Customer Service team. You will be paying to Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care directly Online/App or request for a cash/cheque pickup.

•        Payment Mode: App, Online, NEFT, Cheque and Cash payments are accepted. Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care promotes and prefers online payment in advance which enables us to pay our caregivers in time without hassle. For Cash/Cheque pickup amount should be more than Rs. 1500/- any amount below it should be paid via online.

•        Payment Processing Fee: This shall be levied on all invoices generated @ 2.5% of invoice amount

Payment Facilities

•        Weekly: Every 7 days weekly invoice will be generated and payment for the same need to

be paid in advance. Non advance payment will add penalty of Rs.50/- daily basis

•        Monthly: This will be an advance payment service, you will need to pay 30 days payment

in advance or else by default Weekly cycle will be applied.

•        Surcharge: Surcharge will be applicable during festival season as an add-on incentive for the Caregiver to work and support the patient. Surcharge fee will be informed two days prior to any festival and it may range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 per 12 hours visit, depending on the festival

General Terms and Conditions on Payments

•        Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care won’t be accountable if any amount paid to CG. The service fee has to be paid to Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care and under no circumstances the amount paid to the CG will be adjusted with the service fee.

•        30 days after the overdue date, if payment is not done the case will be legally filed and the dispute will be resolved in Mumbai district court.

•        The above mentioned amount only includes payment charges for those visits where the attendance of the caregiver has been verified. The mentioned amount is not for the visits till date and it shouldn’t be considered as final amount, charges for the unverified visits will be added after getting a confirmation from the customer as well as caregiver.


•        Once the refund is initiated, your balance amount will be credited to your account within 3 working days.

•        Refund will be done only through NEFT.

•        Please review our terms and conditions at


•   You may cancel or reschedule any appointment by calling +91 8887618251 or through website no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment else you will be charged @100% of the service charge.

•   In case of request for rescheduling Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care does not guarantee that it will be able to provide the same Care Giver again and on the rescheduled time.

•   Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care may cancel or reschedule any appointment without prior notice.

In case of cancellation Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care will refund any advance payment made by you to Citywide 24X7 Home Health Care by

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